Our Set up for the Mid Ohio Vintage Grand Prix

Bought new in San Francisco and modified by Huffaker Engineering to haul
2 cars and and the needed spares and tools.

Specs:390 cubic inch V8
4 speed manual transmission
dual rear wheels
AM radio
14.5 gallon gas tank
Factory Air Conditioning

Modifications: Structure built to carry one car in the “belly” and a
tilting upper deck built to carry a second car on the top.Four large
storage cabinets were built  along the bottom of the structure and a
very large box was built behind the cab.A power winch was installed to
pull the cars onto the truck.

The truck was used by Huffaker Engineering to carry their Team cars- MGB
and a MG Midget

In la te 1973 the truck was sold to Lind Bros Racing and was used to haul
the 2 Jensen-Healey  race cars that they campaigned in the Central
Region of the Sports Car Club of America.

In 1981 the truck was retired and sat unused until 2004 when we cleaned
it up freshened the paint and put it back in service hauling the
original 1973 National Champion Jensen Healey to Vintage race events
around the Midwest

The truck will carry 2 cars and a ton of spares cruises at 75mph and
gets 10mpg.It maintains the classic Ford “habit” of turning off the
headlights at the most interesting times(you Ford guys know what I
mean)and only has 40000 original miles.


John Weinberger is a long time well known racer,car dealer ,and at one
time the Distributor for Jensen and Jensen Healey in the Midwest.

In  1973 John was signing up dealers to sell the all new Jensen Healey
and appointed Lind Bros Motors as the sole dealer for the state of Iowa

The owner of Jensen was Kjell Qvale who always believed the best way to
promote a sports car was to put them on the race track so he hired
Huffaker Engineering to prep and race 2 cars with the ultimate goal of a
National Championship.

In November of  1973 Huffaker won that Championship at Road Atlanta in
Georgia. After the race John Weinberger bought both the winning car and
the other team car.The plan was to send the cars back to California to
be freshened and to race them the following season in the  Midwest where
John’s dealers were.He choose Lind Bros Racing to run the cars under the
banner of “Midwest Jensen Healey Dealers”

By late winter the cars were ready and we were excited about the
upcoming season.Only one problem the cars were in California and we were
in Iowaand we had no idea on how to get them back.

One afternoon John called and wanted to know why we had not picked up
the cars.After a little stumbling we finally admitted our lack of
resources.John was a little miffed and said sit tight I will call you
back.A short time latter John called to say he bought the Huffaker
hauler now get out there and get those cars.The next morning Tim and Pat
Lind boarded a plane to San Francisco.


Tim and Pat arrived at Huffaker’s Shop in San Rafael California excited
to pick up the two Healey’s.

Parked out in front was the Ford Hauler with both black Healeys
glistening in the morning sun.On closer examination it appeared the cars
while “loaded” really didn’t fit the truck.The 1970 Ford F350 was custom
made by Huffaker to carry a MGB and a MG Midget .A Healey  is a little
bigger that the B but way bigger than a Midget.The Healey in the belly
was a tight fit the Healey on the upper deck looked ready to fall off.

When quizzed about this Joe (Big Joe) Huffaker walked around the truck
and said in his dead pan way “should be ok”

With that stamp of approval Tim and Pat headed East.

The fuel tank was full and for the first 100 miles  Tim and Pat keep one
eye on the road and the other one on the mirrors hoping the upper car
would not fall off.Just outside of Sacramento they finally felt
confident that the car was on to stay but now were concerned with the
rapidly falling fuel level.It turned out the tank only held 14.5 gallons
and at 10mpg  that equaled a range of less than 150 miles.That worked
fine when Sears Point and Laguna Seca were right down the road but not
so good when you have to drive across Montana or Nebraska.They never ran
out of gas but to be safe they stopped at every station they could and
topped off.

When they got home the first thing they did was add a 50 gallon saddle
tank. Now the stops are determined more on how long you bladder can take
the ride.

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