Driver – Pat Lind

Cars have been in my blood as long as I can remember.

Pat posing by the car during the first season.

My first experience behind the wheel of something with a motor was a go kart my older brothers put me in they tied the throttle wide open and away I went.

My first car was a 1960 Austin Healey Bug-Eye Sprite.I convinced my Dad it would make my Mom a great run around town car.I don’t remember that she ever got to drive it!I drove that car like Jimmy Clark drove his Lotus flat out.

In  the early 70’s I was working at a MG-TRIUMPH-JAGUAR-LOTUS-FIAT-TOYOTA store.I had the itch to go racing but at that time you had to be
21 to get a competition license(18 to go to Vietnam but 21 to race go figure).My older brother Tim was just getting out of the service so with the purchase of a “G” production Austin Healey Sprite I became the car owner and Tim became my driver.

Tim went thru two Drivers Schools then on to Regional races and then started racing in National events all with the Sports Car Club of
America.When I turned 21 I started the same process which was a challenge because we both used the same car.One car two drivers tons of
racing lots of fun.

"Vintage" vintage racing

Here's original Lind Bros Racing, back when it was all the brothers.

The following year SCCA changed the age requirement to 18 so now my younger brother Jim wanted in on the action.The first time I saw Jim go
thru turn one at Mid America Raceway with out lifting off the throttle I knew I was out of a ride!

In 1974 we teamed with Continental Motors the distributor for Jensen Healey in the Midwest to run in “D” production the latest Huffaker
prepared Jensen Healey. Tim would drive the Jensen Healey and Jim would drive the Austin Healey.

My job was to keep them running.

We ran those cars until the early 80’s when jobs, families ,and reality set in.

Fast forward to 2004.I had the Huffaker Jensen Healey sitting in my basement for all these years and now with my kids college expenses
disappearing it was time to re ignite my racing career.I sent the Healey back to Huffaker  for a “refresh” I applied for a competition license
and I was back in business.

3 Responses to Driver – Pat Lind

  1. Skip Campbell says:

    Pat, My name is Skip Campbell I was cleaning a head for our 62 MG Midget Vintage 1100 car and and found “PATLIND” H.H.62.79 punched on it.
    I am in Columbus OH. My son and I built this car when he graduated from college with an engineering degree. He hit the wall at Mid
    ohio in I think “98” and moved to west coast. I finally rebuilt and have been auto crossing with it for fun. Have no idea how or where we got this head. We have always scrounged for low buck parts to help us go fast. It has been a great hobby for us, unfortunatly he is in Oregon raising family and I just sold my business and trying to put things back together. Are you in Phoenix? I will be out there golfing the week of March 4th, maybe we can have a beer. Anyhow would love to hear back from you if you can remember anything about this head.

  2. Ed Seitz says:

    Hello pat Ed Seitz here I just stumbled acrossedyou on elan.netglad to see your doing well how are Tim and Tom I saw Jim when I came through Waterloo a couple of years ago still have the elan

    • Riley Lind says:

      Hey Ed, Riley here (Pat doesn’t know how to use the website!) Things are well with us. We still have the Elan, although we’ve flirted with selling it every now and then.

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