Lind Bros’ Jensen Healey wins the Monterey Motorsports Reunion President’s Cup

What a weekend! Surrounded by like-minded vintage racers and overall petrolheads, we tasted victory in our Group 7B class, beating Alfas, BMWs, and Loti (Lotuses?). What could make that victory even sweeter? How about some more hardware! Don’t mind if we do!Pat Lind accepting Monterey Motorsports Reunion President's Cup

Just after the race, Mazda Speedway held an awards banquet and bestowed us the 2013 Presidents Cup, given to the entrant whose car has historical significance to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

So why us? Because our Jensen Healey won its very first event at this track almost 40 years to the day that we won here.

Seems pretty fitting to us. After years of requesting an entry slot, they finally acquiesce. Not only do we turn that entry slot into a class victory, but one of the most prestigious trophies they award!

Pat Lind was gracious in receiving the award, noting just how lucky he is: “In 1974, I got my racecar and my wife. I still have both, and not too many people can say that!”

About Riley Lind

I'm a recovering automotive engineer, now on the sales side.
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3 Responses to Lind Bros’ Jensen Healey wins the Monterey Motorsports Reunion President’s Cup

  1. Al says:

    Beautiful car. I own a ’73 Jensen Healey, which was a “Garage Find”. It had been sitting since 1985, when it was flipped. It was partly torn down and not running. I got it and a spare car with an additional engine for $500.00. As a part of bringing it back to life I put together a set of Dellorto carbs and electronic ignition.
    I notice you are using the US spec Zenith carbs. Is there some reason you don’t use the Dellorto’s? They add significantly to the performance. Is there a regulation about using non-US spec equipment in a car?
    Just cutious.

    • Riley Lind says:

      We are presently running Webers (dual DCOE 45s) but the car originally ran the standard Strombergs. The Webers give only a small increase in horsepower and a little more torque their main advantage is quicker response out of a low speed corner.

      • Al says:

        From what I have read, the Dellortos are an upgrade from the Webers, haveng an additional mid range set of jets. I put together a set of Dellorto DHLA 45 on the European manifold. Again from what I read it is supposed to add about 20 horsepower. The main kick I have heard is that they are a little difficult to dial in, but once they are set they are very reliable. Also they are getting a little hard to find.

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