Offseason Preview

Well it’s a slow news day for Lind Bros racing after a successful weekend at Road America, so I thought I’d give a bit of an offseason preview.

Recently we purchased (yet another) Jensen Healey. This one is a little different though. This one has had quite a bit of work done to it, some good and some not-so-much. What really intrigued us is that this one has a Rover V8.

It needs quite a bit of work, both mechanical and cosmetic. Lucky for you, we will do our best to share our experiences and photos on this blog. Over the winter, we are going to tear the car apart, clean it up, and fix whatever we need to. Our goal is to make the engine bay make it look like this.

So be sure to check in this fall/winter to see how it goes and we will share our progress!

The V8 Jensen Healey V8. More pictures will be coming soon, including engine bay shots!

About Riley Lind

I'm a recovering automotive engineer, now on the sales side.
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