2010 Offseason Review

Well that was a pretty short off-season thankfully. Sorry for the lack of posts, but hopefully I can summarize everything here pretty well.

Of course the off-season started with bringing the car home, cleaning it up, and putting it on jack stands. From there, we took out the engine and sent it off to Huffaker Engineering out in California. Their plans are to tune up the engine and hopefully find us some more power. Now if only the driver knew how to use it!

Unfortunately, the car has been pretty stationary from there. Luckily for us, the rest of the team hasn’t been! Our driver Pat spent the Christmas holidays down in Phoenix, which luckily houses the famed driving school owned by Bob Bondurant. While the schedule was too tight to fit in laps with a proper car, he was able to get some seat time in a shifter kart!

For those of you who haven’t been in the seat of a shifter kart, I assure you the experience is unreal. If it’s good enough for Michael Schumacher and other F1 drivers to hone their skills with, it’ll do for the driver of this vintage race team! Pat did great, except for the fact that he kept looking for the clutch pedal for shifts. It’s kind of hard to find that third pedal when there’s only the gas and break to choose from.

All in all, it was a calm if not uneventful off-season. The car hasn’t had too much work to be done, but luckily we can always work on the driver!

About Riley Lind

I'm a recovering automotive engineer, now on the sales side.
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